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Starting on July 1, 2022, call 800.4UW.DOCS to transfer or refer a patient, speak with an on-call specialist in select services, access records, reach the operator and more.


Practitioner Resources

Across specialties, UW Medicine experts are serving community practitioners like you in a variety of ways.

Practitioner Resources

Across specialties, UW Medicine experts are serving community practitioners like you in a variety of ways.

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Ways we can help you support your patients

Access specialists and services at UW Medicine and find a list of frequently used phone numbers below.

Access patient records

Access records, submit a request and request radiology images.

Connect with a specialist

Speak with the on-call specialist in participating services at 800.4UW.DOCS.

Transfer a patient

Call the Transfer Center at 877.520.7575 for urgent transfer requests.

Refer a patient

Call 206.520.7700 to refer your patient.

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Find a specific clinic or practitioner

Frequently used numbers

#1 Hospital in Washington

UW Medical Center is Washington’s #1 hospital and is nationally ranked in 7 specialties: cancer*; diabetes and endocrinology; ear, nose and throat; obstetrics and gynecology; orthopedics; urology; and rehabilitation.

*with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, which is now Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Continued education and training

Find high-quality educational opportunities for practitioners, sponsored by the Office of Continuing Medical Education, and explore telehealth options and Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) programs.

Continuing education credits

Find educational opportunities and events in your specialty.

Online training

Explore telehealth programs, including consultations that connect contracted providers with experts at UW Medicine, and practitioner education initiatives, including various ECHO programs.

Learning resources

Find specialized learning resources.

Hospital credentials and privileges

See the credentialing process for external researchers and other practitioners.

Latest news and information

Four cardiologists in scrubs smiling at the camera

Cardiologists are 1st to use tool to remove tumor from heart

A basket-shaped retrieval device was delivered by catheter into a patient's heart to safely remove a benign lesion.

A technique called epifluorescence causes optogenetically engineered cells to glow. Lines show the electrode wiring and recording sites.

Stimulating the brain to rewire and repair

Researchers hope to use brain stimulation to create new neuronal cell networks to restore function lost due to stroke.

Certain drugs can increase the risk of falls, particularly among people with dementia.

Stopping meds to reduce falls in people with dementia

Project explores whether simple interventions can lower use of medications that increase fall risk in this population.