Hip and Knee

Our experts heal your hips and knees so you can move easier.                  

Hip and Knee

Our experts heal your hips and knees so you can move easier.                  

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    Hip or knee issues slowing you down?

    If you live with pain or an injury in your hip or knee, you know how difficult it can make daily life. Don’t waste another day in pain. At UW Medicine, we help you move better and heal faster.

    Whether those years of hoops are catching up with you or a recent fall makes walking difficult, we can help. We treat all types of hip and knee issues for patients of all ages. Our experts provide nonsurgical and surgical treatments as necessary for your personalized needs.

    Common hip and knee issues

    • Arthritis, including osteoarthritis
    • Athletic injuries
    • Avascular necrosis
    • Cartilage damage
    • Fractures
    • Hip impingement or labral injuries
    • Knee injuries, such as ACL injury and meniscus
    • Other injuries, such as muscle or tendon strains or tears

    Meet our featured specialists

    Melinda Loveless, MD

    Melinda Loveless, MD

    Dr. Loveless is a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, called a physiatrist, and has a special interest in the management of hip pain.

    Navin Fernando, MD

    Navin Fernando, MD

    Dr. Fernando is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hip and knee joint replacements.

    Katherine Fahy, MD

    Katherine Fahy, MD

    Dr. Fahy is a family medicine physician who specializes in sports medicine, with special interest in caring for injuries in the equestrian, ski and running athlete.

    Treatments for hip and knee conditions

    At UW Medicine, we treat a wide range of hip and knee issues. Our doctors partner with you to find the best therapies to maximize your recovery. Your treatment team may also include physical therapists and other specialists — all dedicated to helping you heal faster.

    Nonsurgical services

    Our doctors have advanced training and certification in sports medicine. They include physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, called physiatrists, family medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons. Just as professional sports teams rely on our doctors as their physicians, you can trust us to get you back to the activities you love.

    The focus of our nonsurgical treatment is active rehabilitation.

    Common nonsurgical treatments:

    • Physical therapy
    • Prescribed exercise program
    • Medication
    • Ultrasound-guided injections

    We offer complete care to help you manage pain and recover or preserve function and mobility. Whether you are an elite athlete or just need care for aches or pains, we can help.

    Learn more about our sports medicine program, find a sports medicine doctor or visit one of our clinics

    Surgical services

    Surgically correcting a hip or knee problem can help you get back to activities you enjoy. Our orthopedic surgeons are among the best in the nation for hip and knee surgery — from minimally invasive surgery to total joint replacement.

    Common surgical procedures and treatments performed:

    • Arthroscopy
    • Fracture repair
    • Joint replacement surgery
    • Osteotomy
    • Tendon and ligament reconstruction and repair

    Joint replacement surgery, called arthroplasty, may be a good option if you continue to have pain or mobility difficulties after trying nonsurgical treatments. Depending on your personal needs, your care team may suggest a minimally invasive partial joint replacement or a complex total joint replacement. We also perform revisions of failed replacements.

    Learn more about our orthopedic surgery program, find an orthopedic hip surgeon, orthopedic knee surgeon or visit one of our clinics.

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